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All Sessions Include Free Artist Development Consultation, Vocal Coaching, & Unlimited Free Mixes and Edits. All Royalty Free!
(Client Maintains 100% Ownership Rights.)
Deluxe, Arrangement

Deluxe Full Production Package

($350 per track)

Includes Custom Music Arrangement, Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Vocal Coaching and Artist Development Services.

Retro Singer

Custom Music Arrangement & Orchestration

($150 per track)

Custom Music Creation and Arrangement With Standardized Mixing and Unlimited Edits and Remixes. All Genres.

Vocal Coaching included Free with all Sessions or available for booking at $40 per session - 90 min. sessions

Recording and Mixing Rates


($200 per track)

Professional Recording with Vocal Booth and Top Quality Microphones. All Sessions Include Free Vocal Coaching Techniques. All Genres.


($100 per track)

Industry Standard Mixing for All Tracks to Ensure Quality, Dynamics and Clarity. All Sessions Include Unlimited Mixes, Edits and Remixes.

Mastering And Creative Services Rates
Recording Studio
Remote Office


($100 per track)

Affordable Professional Mastering Services to Ensure Volume Control, Clarity, Cohesiveness and Consistency Across All Media and Sound Systems.

Digital Marketing & Creative Services

(Contact for Pricing)

Digital Marketing Services include: Social Media Content Creation, Website Design & Audits, SEO, & More.

Creative Services Include Web and Graphic Design, Photo and Videography Services, Commercial Jingles, Copywriting for Radio/TV/Film, and more.

Artist Development Services
Retro Singer
Musical Notes

Voice & Music Lessons

($50 per session)

90 min. sessions

Vocal Coaching and Voice Lessons to Improve your Dynamic Range, Technique, Tone & Clarity in both Performing & Recording.

Classes include: Voice, Guitar, Piano & Drum Lessons. (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.)

Artist Development Classes

($50 per class)

90 min. classes

Artist Development Classes are designed to assist Independent Performing Artists in developing their skills, and furthering their careers. 

Classes include: Songwriting, Music Theory and Composition, Dance and Choreography, Music Production, and More.

Select Artist Collaborative Discount

Select Artists may receive 1 FREE Deluxe Full-Recording Package (including Track Creation, Recording, Mixing and Mastering) for an Original Song of their choosing, in exchange for collaborating on an additional track of the Audio Engineer's choosing.

The Artist will retain all rights and ownership to their own FREE recorded track. They will also be able to utilize the extra collaboration track for Promotion and Exposure. However, IYAM Entertainment Studios will retain full ownership rights to the collaborative track and the artist will receive no compensation for their involvement in the recording and production this additional track.

For More Information and a Chance to be Selected to Participate in this Promotional Offer, Please Click On The Button Below.

Artist Collab Offer
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